Tuesday, December 1, 2015

CFB Trenton and Syrian Refugees

Last week I went to CFB Trenton along with Maclean's writer Meagan Campbell to see how the base and the city of Trenton were preparing for the arrival of refugees.

This isn't the final stop for refugees, instead it's just the start of their trip to Canada. Driving into the base, with its imposing airplane hangers, strong-wordeded military signage and barb-wire fences, I tried to imagine what arriving in this strange place is going to feel like - relief, fear?

When Meagan spoke with people in town, the reaction was mixed and it was interesting to see how people are responding to the idea of refugees coming to Canada. Generally people seemed to want to help but were a little fearful and upset at the money being spent. I know that I'm incredibly proud of our country for bringing the refugees here and I can't wait to see them start to arrive in Trenton and then onto their final destinations scattered across Canada.

You can read the Maclean's piece here.


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